Tag Art Launch - Art Gallery at Tag London Offices

This year I'm please to be part of Tag’s first ever art gallery!

Let me back up a moment, 'Tag' is my day job; I've worked at this company for the last decade and it's been my bread and butter, allowing me the freedom for my art to be unpressured and something I can do for the love of it.

"The brief to all employees was to ‘submit a piece of artwork where the vision and medium can be anything’. The response has been amazing with a wide range of topics, interpretations and styles - which really goes to show the talent there is at Tag. The global reach has been a great way to bring offices together from Great Britain, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia and India."

A photo of two at my artworks; 'Summer on Fistral' and 'Evening at St Michaels' Mount' were printed onto vinyl and are on exhibition on the 1st Floor of the London Office in Poland Street, Soho.

A full list of artists can be found here. https://tag-art.webflow.io/ 
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