Caring for Your Artwork

You are the proud owner of a unique piece of artwork, but how do you look after it?!

Below is a quick checklist of the key things to consider:

Lifting and carrying

Always use two hands when lifting or carrying your artwork, holding it by one hand can stress your painting by putting pressure in one place.

Never lean the front or back surface of a canvas on a sharp object, it doesn't matter how small it is, it doesn't even have to be that sharp, it will leave a dent.

Temperature and humidity fluctuation damage

Give your artwork a stable temperature environment. Paintings in rooms that often have doors or windows opened to the outside may suffer from fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

Areas immediately above heat sources; radiators or fireplaces, will really warp a painting over time.

Light damage

We all know that UV light in sunlight is damaging to our skin, it's also damaging to artwork. Light can fade pigments and cause discolouration. Ensure that the art will not be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. Place your painting next to a window instead of directly in front of it.

I also wouldn't recommend using 'picture lights' long term, they tend to over-light the art and the local heat that the light produces can be damaging.

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