Artist Interview - Amanda Hoskin

Cornwall is well known for it's art community, as an artist myself I am very interested in a county which is famous for it's history, tourist escapes and it's art inspired scenery. I have this idealistic view of an artist in Cornwall; painting outside as well and soaking up inspiration, then meeting up with other artists and sharing their ideas. It's something I'm interested in finding out more about. During my research into Cornish artists I saw a couple of paintings by Amanda Hoskin.

As soon as I saw Amanda's work I loved it, I loved the colours, the movement, the sense of escape. It completely satisfied my idea of what a Cornish painting should be. The wild patterns discovered in the landscapes, dashes of colour jumping out of the image and spilling onto the coastal paths, contrasting with the smooth and luminous tones of the sea. You can witness the full spectrum from glorious glossy Caribbean colours through to the moody deep British weather. All full of atmosphere and emotion.

Interview with Cornish Artist Amanda Hoskin

Cornwall is such an amazing place to live and paint, I wanted to find out more about Amanda and she was kind enough to answer a couple of my questions.

1. How did you get started?

I have always painted and I went straight to art school when I was 16. At that time I loved to paint very detailed work mainly wildlife studies and I became a wildlife illustrator. Then after a few years I decided I wanted a complete change and my love of sailing drew me to instructing in the summer months and then traveling and painting in the winter. When my daughter was born I felt I wanted to go back to painting but wanted to work in a looser style, and I loved the landscape, the light in the sea and sky and so I experimented with mix media and oils and before I knew it I was selling work in Beside the Wave and the rest is history!!

2. I can tell that you love the Cornish coastline, but I’ve noticed a Venice and London element. What subjects do you like to paint the most and why?

I love to paint the Cornish landscape it continually interests me and my love of hiking feeds that fascination. I am surrounded by inspiration and very rarely do I feel I cannot paint, ideas come to me all the time even a simple drive home from the studio can give me an idea for a painting.

3. Which artists are you inspired by and why?

It has to be Turner, I love the light in his work and how he pushed the boundaries of what people thought art should be, he had a passion for what he did and I love that.

4. Which is your favourite painting in your portfolio?

The next painting, I always hope this will be the one!!

5. If someone was starting new – what tips would you give them to help them be successful?

You have to find a subject that fascinates you whether it is a landscape/ still life etc it does not matter but it has to draw you in, once you have that then you can paint and prepared to be disappointed but never give up, every painting will teach you something often the struggle to get a painting to work is the important part.

6. What’s the best way for people to contact you?

Through facebook or the galleries I am in.


Her website is and I love her approach to her painting. I particularly like the idea that the next painting will be the best, I can certainly relate to that. It doesn't always happen that way, but I feel like that's the optimal approach!

I can also relate to the point Amanda makes about being disappointed at times, I'm quite hard on myself and sometimes feel that I'm more often disappointed than not, but in the same breath I learn more that way. I grow more from my failures than my successes, and I wouldn't have it any other way. If there isn't anything else to discover, if there isn't the potential of 'the best is yet to come', then where is the juice, where is the fire? Where is the motivation? It's got to be about pushing yourself for more and being better.

For me, that's what being an artist is about.
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