Bude Sea Pool Art Extravaganza - 'Spot the Artist' Postcard Exhibition

Whilst visiting Bude at the weekend we just managed to catch the tail end of the three day Art Extravaganza by the Friends of Bude Sea Pool (FoBSP). With only about an hour before the exhibition closed on Friday 13th at 2pm, we went to the 'Spot the Artist' exhibition where I was pleased to see my 'secret' postcard had been sold!

My postcard was a small version of one of my signature Beachscapes, each 8"x6" postcard is professionally mounted to fit in an A4 frame and while it's great to sell a painting, it's also amazing to know that something you have created has generated some money for a worthy cause; I feel proud.

With over 100 postcards at the exhibition held in the lovely Falcon Hotel (we stayed overnight) there was an art auction in the evening where I met the person who purchased my postcard - brilliant! Huge thanks to Sue and the team at FoBSP and the Falcon hotel for what was a unique and really enjoyable weekend!

Bude Sea Pool Spot the Artist Postcard Sale


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