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Artist Diane Griffiths

Hand Painted Wooden Flat Heart - Blue

Hand Painted Wooden Flat Heart - Blue

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These decorations are the perfect gift for any surfer or lover of the seaside.

  • Hand painted wooden flat heart ornament
  • Painted in a 'Surfer Beachscape' style with oil and acrylic paint.
  • Finished with iridescent glitter and a clear gloss varnish.
  • Dimensions 8x7cm.
  • Hung with blue ribbon.
  • Black velvet backing.

To customise your heart add to 'Cart' and click on the 'Cart' before you checkout. Add a note to your order to let me know what text (one word/name) you would like. Alternatively drop me an email

NB: Each heart is unique; with slightly different patterns, textures and surfers. Therefore the heart you receive may differ slightly from the photos, but the main colours and surfer design are representative of each.

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